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Port Chicago
Thurgood Marshall / Port Chicago 50 Park White Paper

EBRPD Staff Makes Their Naming Recommendation
Park District Staff's Naming Recommendation YouTube

1619 Project
MLK Jr. Freedom Center Supports Park Name YouTube

1619 Project
Congressman DeSaulnier on Port Chicago YouTube

1619 Project
Naming Selection Statement | EBRPD YouTube

1619 Project
Concord Hills Name Sought | Post News Group Article


Our Mission

Each name on a statue, bridge, or park should reflect the values of society, but often just reflect the values of those who are in power. This often leaves people of color without representation of their national stories and contributions.

We are working to honor all of our nation's heroes, of all races, by advocating to name monuments and public lands after people of color.

Our Members

⚌ Lewis Thrower

⚌ Jonathan Shelton

⚌ Fatima Call

⚌ Alexander Wills



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